The complexity of taste!

A recent blog on how the loss of sense of smell can intensify taste makes some interesting points. The two that have interested me for a while are the contribution of trigeminal nerve sensations to consumption (for lack of a better word) and the hazy area of taste (if we get into the murkier ion channelingContinue reading “The complexity of taste!”


Is food preference simply repetition?

A recent Science New Post (brought to my attention by @elizabethjrowe) presents research trends in food science: the pairing of retronasal olfaction and taste reception in studying flavour and the knowledge pairing of culinary experts and scientists within a relatively new journal Flavour. I am glad that food sensation (for lack of a better word to describe the complexContinue reading “Is food preference simply repetition?”


Tomatoes are such a perfect food. Sadly, many people strongly dislike them. I can’t imagine why. They are the perfect evolutionary color–a bright red when ripe to attract vision-oriented primates. They are loaded with nutrients and a vital part of a healthy diet. They are also so versatile–great raw or cooked, on their own orContinue reading “Tomatoes”