Molecular Anthropology Lab instrumentation includes Idaho Technologies Lightscanner 32 and Eppendorf Silver EP Thermalcylcer. The 3-color Light Scanner 32 allows rapid genotyping  using quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with high resolution melt [HRM] analysis. The LS 32 is a capillary-based instrument allowing the most precise melting curves for HRM and yielding higher reliability in SNP detection. The Eppendorf Silver EP thermalcycler is a standard PCR instrument with rapid cycling. The lab is equipped with a fumehood, UV filtered PCR hood, chemical storage facilities, -20C freezer, Accuspin 17 centrifuge, mini-centrifuge balance, vortex, vertical and horiztonal electrophoresis boxes, water access (for preparation of organic material), emergency shower, a large number of disposables, DNA kits, PC, and printer.

The Ancient DNA dry lab space is used to prepare animals and bone/teeth specimens for ancient DNA analysis and extract DNA. This facility is PCR free with separate powder safe biosafety cabinets for animals and humans.

The DNA CORE lab houses a gel document imager purchased with funds from a UAF TAB grant (Hoover) and supplemental funds from IAB.

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