Smell of the week: Interior Alaska

This has been an olfactory week for me. I arrived back in the Interior late on Sunday night and moved into an Rainey-Skarland cabin circa 1936 built at UAF by the first anthropologist and department founder. The smell of new paint outside and wood oil inside (along with other various scents common to log cabins in Alaska) greetedContinue reading “Smell of the week: Interior Alaska”

Smell of the week: mimosa

Ambling home from a light dinner and lovely white wine at Table 310 in Lexington Kentucky (where VisitLex, incidentally, was making a promotional film for local fine dining), West Third Street was ripe with cool evening odors emitted by plants such as tea olives and persian silk trees. I blogged about tea olives a while ago and how theirContinue reading “Smell of the week: mimosa”

Smell of the Week: Olive Oil

Van Gogh’s Olive Trees Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is one my essential foods. The extra virgin designation refers to the lack of refinery (chemical or heat) in preparation of the oil. This results in a lack of sensory defects and higher polyphenol content (antioxidants). The cold pressed designation refers to a one-time crushing withoutContinue reading “Smell of the Week: Olive Oil”

Smell of the week: basil

Late summer is a great time for basil (this pic from Conscious Kitchen) since there is an abundance of ripe heirloom tomatoes, evening sunshine, and outdoor dining. Basil is one of my favorite herbs and odors–especially when co-mingled with a good strong first cold-pressed EVOO and old balsamic vinegar! Containing roughly 82 aroma chemicals andContinue reading “Smell of the week: basil”