Clandestine trysts and human evolution

Recent advances in the field of paleogenomics (the study of ancient genomes) have uncovered the story of inter-species mating in those early days out of Africa before dispersal into Eurasia. Prior to these studies we’ve hadĀ little evidence supporting either cultural interaction with archaic humans or inter-breeding. Clandestine trysts or common practice? The draft sequence ofContinue reading “Clandestine trysts and human evolution”


Race and Anthropology in European Origins

In the US, our focus on race is centered on the enslavement of Africans and the consequences of those actions. The past 11 years have been wrought with new aspects of race and race relations. After 9-11, the often ill-treatment of anyone who appeared to be Arabic corresponded to the surge of emotions surrounding theContinue reading “Race and Anthropology in European Origins”