Turning a blind eye to the University of Alaska: Academic entitlement and survivor bias

On my daily 6 AM walks, I have been contemplating why there has been no surge of support for faculty and students in the University of Alaska system. The anger makes for an energetic walk and the walk serves as a cooling mechanism on the anger. The answer I loop back to is elitism. Twitter,Continue reading “Turning a blind eye to the University of Alaska: Academic entitlement and survivor bias”

Higher Education in crisis

I am currently doing a certificate in academic practice at Durham University. My two projects for the certificate have focused on the intrusion of neoliberal values into higher education in the US and the UK. Put as succinctly as possible, one project focused on the challenges I face (as a result of these values) asContinue reading “Higher Education in crisis”

Academic entrepreneurship

I recently read Paul B. Brown’s October 2013 Forbes’ article on the habits of successful entrepreneurs. As with most habits of successful people, the applications extend beyond the specific profession of the group studied. Academics–especially those of us creating new fields of interdisciplinary study or working in new, less traditional, or less well-established areas ofContinue reading “Academic entrepreneurship”

The Smell of Tenure

Fear is an emotion associated with the stress many people experience when preparing for tenure. Humans can ‘smell’ fear, probably via pheromone receptors that have migrated from the VNO to the nasal epithelium. I take a little liberty with the title of this blog post because the probability is (probably!) low that a tenure fileContinue reading “The Smell of Tenure”